Lorelei and Asher's Nursery

Big news!  We are finally home!  After almost 10 weeks of living at my parents' house due to the sewage backup in our home, we are finally all in our own beds.  There is still a lot to do, and basically every room needed work due to either damage or having the entire contents of other rooms shoved into them, but we are almost done!

Well, this post here is going to be proof of why I will never have a home DIY blog; I cannot for the life of me photograph rooms well!  But in spite of this fact, I do want to share the room that I have probably worked on more than any other room in the house: the nursery.  This room has evolved so much over the past four years, starting as Lorelei's nursery.
We are blessed to live in a three bedroom home, so when we had Asher, the natural thought was to make the then guest room into his room.  But after seeing how two kids brings in a massive influx of toys, we decided to move the kids into the same room and make Asher's room a playroom.  The kids moved in together last August, but it has taken until now to get the whole room decorated to a place where it feels special.  I love all the colorful details and vintage/thrifted finds.  Enjoy!
Lorelei's bed is a hand-me-down from Ikea (Mammut).  I just bought the matching end table on a local resale group via Facebook.  Both of those pieces cost me $5!  I made her canopy from a sheer that used to hang in my living room.  The rug was a Joss and Main purchase.
Both of the children's quilts were handmade by a family friend.  They are perfect!
My friend just made those curtains from a sheet set from Walmart.  They cost less than $15 for both panels!  The shade in the center is a blackout shade.
The sweet prints above Lorelei's bed were from a lovely Etsy vendor called Little Dumpling Prints.  I looked everywhere for prints to match Lorelei's Toile Nursery Rhyme room, and bought these before she was born.  Many things have been moved out of her nursery over the years, but I cannot part with these.
I made these letters for her nursery before she was born.  The bookshelves were Ikea spice racks spray painted pink.  I hung vintage and handmade dresses below.
One of my favorite parts of this room is this little collection of Alice and Wonderland books.  The one in the front is from 1890.
This is at the end of Lorelei's bed (and that door is on the same wall as the entry door).  The chair was given to us by my mother in law.  The hat on the closet door is from Williamsburg, and I got it when I was 12.  Lorelei's dresser and both of the kids' dress clothes are in the closet.
My sweet babies :-).  These photos were all taken at least a year ago.
Asher's crib is the only new piece of furniture.  It is by Graco and we bought it at Walmart.
The lanterns (along with the paper cranes around the light) are left over from Asher's birthday party decor.  I bought them to be reused in the nursery.  The pieces of art on the left are from the Habitat for Humanity restore, and the one on the right Allen brought back from Japan.
Asher's dresser is from Lorelei's crib set that we bought used.  Excuse the washi tape plastered all over it; I am thinking about painting it and trying out looks :-).  
More vintage clothes and handmade letters.
Last I checked, the fish are named "Big Book" and "Uh Oh."  I am sure that will change this week.  And about a few steps to the left of this dresser is the door to the hall.
I wanted a new light fixture for the room, but it was not in the budget, so my friends and I hung paper cranes.  I think it makes a nice "fake chandelier."

So, that's it!  A little Japan, a lot of vintage, a lot of color, and a lot of love.  As we put the finishing touches on our house projects, I will be sure to share more room with you!


Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

Lovely nursery!! :)
Our son's middle name is Asher!

Diana said...

Thank you, Cindy! I LOVE your nursery as well. Beautiful use of yellow :-) Good luck with the room-sharing! It is an adventure!

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